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Taylor Stone Illustration

Little Forest Explorer Original Cut Paper Illustration

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This piece shows a young explorer immersed in a lively forest, surrounded by lush greenery and curious wildlife. Made entirely from paper that has been painted and cut by hand, this dimensional illustration is full of life and color and imagination. It is an expression of the love of nature shared by hikers and explorers alike.



17 x 13 inches.

Estimated time to Ship

Expect Original Cut Paper Illustrations to ship in 6-8 weeks.

About Original Works of Cut Paper Art

When making a dimensional paper illustration, I carefully cut each shape and layer the paper by hand (my personal favorite part). Then, it's "just" a matter of gluing it all together. Once layered and glued, each piece actually is about 2 inches deep, requiring a custom shadowbox frame.

Original illustrations arrive professionally framed, featuring museum glass that is not only entirely clear but anti-glare and UV-protected to boot. The shadowbox frame is made on Martha's Vineyard from cherry by professional woodworker David Wiley.

Also to note: for all of my original illustrations, they are professionally packed, shipped, and insured to provide extra security (and peace of mind) in the shipping process.