About the Artist


I’m Taylor, and I’m a cut paper illustrator based on Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts.


Growing up on the beautiful little island of Martha’s Vineyard, and more specifically in an even littler house right by the state forest, it’s not hard to guess where my love of nature began. I’ve never quite grown out of that idea of faerie magic and enchanted forests hiding right out of sight, and it certainly shows in my art as well.

So where does the intricate papercutting come into play? Well, growing up with parents that just HAPPEN to shake down into an accountant father and entrepreneur slash fiber artist mom, I feel like that paints a pretty clear picture of my personality.

Somewhere along the line my love of handmade papers and textural art mixed with my eye for detail and process-heavy artforms to create the hand-cut paper artist I am today.

After graduating with a BA in Illustration from the Savannah College of Art and Design in 2013, and having some years to move and experiment, I have returned to Martha’s Vineyard where I currently live and work in my home-studio. Close enough to the ocean to hear the ferry horn every morning and supported by my handsome (cat) assistant Vinci, I have been making and selling my paper art full time for several years now.

Check out my “Contact” page to reach out to me directly, or jump over to the “FAQs” page to hear more about how I make the things I make.