About My Puzzles

All of my puzzles are printed using a superior new printing technique that shows off extra vivid colors and picks up all the beautiful textures of the papers used in the original illustrations. The puzzles ALSO include a small leaflet inside the puzzle showing what you will be working on (to keep fights from breaking out over who gets to look at the box!) and are all sealed up to be sure you won't lose a single piece before you're ready to start.

I have designed the completely custom box packaging from start to finish to show off the illustration on the front, along with a smaller section highlighted on each of the box sides so that when away on the shelf (or especially all lined up in a set) you see my favorite strip of each puzzle. Also on the "top" is more information about the original illustration shown on the puzzle with a coordinating background color, and on the "bottom" is a bit about me for those that might be interested about the artist behind the work.