SPECTRUM Film Festival

SPECTRUM Film Festival

The SPECTRUM Film Festival poster and logo work: my first array into creating my paper art for commercial reproduction and advertising use.  The Martha’s Vineyard Film Society was preparing for their first ever LGBTQ Film Festival and approached me to create the logo and promotional art for the festival in 2017.  (You can learn more about the now-yearly festival HERE.)

Honestly, this was such a throwback for me and really showed me how much I’ve grown since starting my paper process: because the first cut paper illustrations I’d ever made were using painted vellum and this was my first time since then going back to vellum as a medium.

Needless to say: I think it turned out pretty great.

The translucency of the colored vellums allowed a really interesting play on the intertwining of the “film strips” that you just wouldn’t be able to get any other way naturally.

Fun fact: all those tiny little holes on the edges of the strips took days to cut just on their own, and don’t even get me started on the difficulty of hiding supports when your layers are see-through!