Nessie Swimming in Farm Pond

Nessie Swimming in Farm Pond

This piece is the start of a series of new work I am creating. Made from taking a snapshot while exploring Martha’s Vineyard, and adding in a pinch of magic. (Maybe a little more than a pinch in this case though…)

Sized at a whopping 28×14″ I really wanted to play with the 2:1 proportions for a reeeeally long landscape in the end. Framed in a charred black Vineyard-made frame.

This is my play on the iconic Nessie and her baby that can sometimes be spotted in Farm Pond, in Oak Bluffs during the summer. I experimented for the first time with metal leaf on this one, making the two sea serpents super duper shiny and reflective in person.

I wanted to leave this image more simple, and closer to the real view of the pond. Focusing more on mixing the right colors and adding in the right textures for each element. (And that corner in the way far background might be my favorite quiet moment in the piece.)

This original illustration is still available for sale in my etsy shop.