This was a personal project made to show the magic of a crystal clear night under the full moon.

Every once in a while doing “just” a cut paper illustration isn’t enough and I have to add something extra special to the piece.  In this case?  That meant i had to light up that sky.  Literally.

Equipped with remote controlled LED strands, the moon and stars can light up at will, even showing effects such as twinkling or fading in and out.

This piece was so much fun to make because it was all about the botanicals!  Lots of great ferns and the push to really figure out how to make new types of flowers in paper.  Made exclusively from painted papers (oh boy did I have to make so many greens!) except for a handmade blue for the sky and a translucent white for the moon with speckles of silver and gold threads.

(Detail to spot: I even darkened the stamens on the lilies so they stick out more among the oranges!)

SOLD – But prints are still available of this image: click here for details.