Lakehouse with the Pups

Lakehouse with the Pups

A great not-so-little custom order, with all the bells and whistles!

With possibly my most detail-oriented client yet (I always get nervous when a client DOESN’T have edits from the first sketch!), I really needed to make sure I included all the little bits that made their lakehouse retreat so special.

This finished illustration wound up 20×16″ and took over 70 hours of cutting and gluing to complete, being finished in a cherry frame (that I unfortunately didn’t snag a photo of before shipping out).

Special bits: the flag on the tree, the bucket and garden hose, those adirondack chairs, and the teeny tiny flowers in those flowerbeds.

With special mentions to: their adorable pups, the windowpanes made with clear acetate so that they look JUST like glass, and the rocks which required some real paper modification. (Not to mention ALL THAT DECK FURNITURE.)