Great Rock Bight

Great Rock Bight

Living on Martha’s Vineyard gives you no shortage of natural inspiration.  This piece, for example, is a view from the trail down the “Great Rock Bight Preserve” in Chilmark.

Mainly known for its name-sake of large boulders planted in the shallow beach water, I found another view to remember on the way there: a little area above where you can lean over a simple wood fence and see the water and beach below.  This is my interpretation of that view: seeing the water amidst not sand but layers of greens.

This piece came to only 12×9″ and was framed in a custom-made walnut shadowbox by local craftsman David Wiley: featuring dovetail joints and museum quality glass that protects the art without the distracting glare.

And if you look carefully you can juuuuust make out land on the other side of the water.

Available for purchase: more details here.