Gingerbread Cottage (New York Style)

Gingerbread Cottage (New York Style)

I couldn’t believe when I got the photos for this custom house portrait that it wasn’t from our very own MV Family Campgrounds in Oak Bluffs. (Truly though: this house is not on the Vineyard.)

This piece finished off at 16×20″ and was framed in my favorite charred black shadowbox. All hand cut and carefully painted papers, along with a couple of special veneers for the tree trunks, and some other specialty papers for the sky and walkway.

My favorite part with this one? The painting you can see next to the front door is a recreation of the owners’ own painting they hang there in real life – so the pressure was definitely on for me to get that just right! Also to note are those dangling lights that seem to float, swinging effortlessly without any help.

Oh yeah…and their dog was ridiculously adorable and of course needed including on the front porch as well.