Brooklyn Brownstones

Brooklyn Brownstones

A custom order for a New Yorker: the iconic, historic, Brooklyn brownstones.  This was a challenge of detail vs size: how much can I include in just a 11×8.5″ illustration?  Apparently a lot.

Trying to keep the detailing these brownstones are known for and those wonderful bay windows we all dream of, this piece really had me thinking about what made these buildings special both inside and out.

This was also my first time having a black custom frame made by local craftsman David Wiley.  The black coloring is created by charring the wood and then applying finish to keep that new black color and it is such a stark finish: very natural-looking and a very textural feel in person.

Take your time checking out all the close-ups on this one because there are a lot of hidden gems!  From the cat in the windowsill to the dimensional door pulls to even the miniature bookcases inside some of the rooms!

Limited edition prints are available of this piece while supplies last: check them out here.