Brick House Replica

Brick House Replica

My biggest project yet!

Asked to create a paper version of their near-Chicago home, this monster (30×16″) of a brick house came to be.

Within the large scale I was able to really get down and dirty with the little details that make a home special – bricking each piece by hand, adding in the window details, and committing to a real replica of the front entrance way – depth and all.

This project also brought me to use wooden veneers for the first time on the trees. I wanted something with lots of great varying texture that still allowed my to work very flat (I used almost all the space I had in the frame on the house, instead of the landscaping) and I couldn’t have found a better solution.

Favorite details: the flags and front welcome mat, the puppy in the window, the railing above the front door, and those hundreds and hundreds of little bricks.