ArtCliff Diner: Breakfast Bar

ArtCliff Diner: Breakfast Bar

The ArtCliff Diner: the famous diner on Martha’s Vineyard known for their fresh local specials, the homey feel, and the celebrity crowd it draws.  Contacted by the owner herself I was commissioned to make the iconic breakfast bar before their 75th anniversary.

This piece came to be 18×10″ before framing, and I went a little off my usual plan and ordered a frame that fit that older “diner style” better than my go-to natural wood frames.

Across the top you’ll see my pen and ink versions of their retro signs: the same that were used back when the ArtCliff Diner was first opened 75 years ago are a great throwback with their cartoon drawings and prices.

Also to note is the use of some pretty seriously metallic papers.  You just can’t have a metal stool or equipment without having that super-reflective surface and although more difficult to photograph it makes for quite the statement in person.

Favorite detail on this one?  Definitely the teeny tiny ketchup bottle and sweeteners.

This piece is available as a limited edition print in my etsy shop: check it out here before it sells out.