A Fairy Parade

A Fairy Parade

This paper illustration catches a glimpse at a rare parade of fairies through the forest.  Here you see a few fairies themselves along with some friendly forest creatures beside them.

This piece is my longest to date, coming to 24×8″ in the end, and about 3.5″ deep.  The unusual size is where I started with this piece – really wanting to play with the concept of a 3:1 ratio image, and that’s where the idea for a long, moss-covered log came in.

My favorite details would definitely be the little mice, and of course the fairies were so much fun to create.  I even made it so that their wings glow in the dark at night!

This piece is also framed in a locally made custom frame, with the black coloring created from charring the wood and sealing in that char color.  There is also the usual Museum Glass in the front of the frame (which boasts UV protection, incredible clarity, and definitely helps with the dusting as well).