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Custom made paper art made just for you.

Let's Start a Project!

For the past several years I’ve offered custom paper illustrations to those that want something extra super special.  From pet and people portraits, architectural recreations, and even magical scenes that light up at night.

Each new custom order is a new opportunity for me to tackle new subjects and techniques.  While open to all ideas I tend to make a lot of magical art with witches and forests abounding.  Heck a recent order even had me researching hockey!

The process is super simple too.  Just get in touch and start the conversation today, and here’s what you can expect from me:

Step One: Reach Out

Whether we met in person or you found me on the net, just say hello and let me know your idea!  I love brainstorming and there is always a back-and-forth in the beginning while everyone is still letting that magical future-piece ruminate a bit.

Step Two: It’s All in the Details

This is that nitty-gritty part that’s not as fun: we’ll talk due-dates and payments and really start ironing out the finer details of the job.  This is also when I start asking for photos/references if the illustration will be of a particular person, landmark, furry friend, etc.

(Note: It usually takes about 6-8 weeks for a piece to be brought to finish, and that means my time books up fast.  So please contact me ahead of time if there is a certain deadline for any artwork!)

Step Three: Sketch Time!

This is when I make up a (fairly detailed) sketch of your custom piece.  I will try to iron out the composition pretty darn clearly, and even mock up coloring if that’s important to the illustration (think matching house coloring or fur patterning).  This is also when I’ll start asking framing questions: now that all of my frames are COMPLETELY made to my specifications (thank you David Wiley!) we’ll select the wood type (color) and get that side of things started too.

We’ll again go back and forth until you’re happy with the drawing – usually up to two rounds of editing.  This step is arguably the most important because it’s our last chance for edits and the last thing you’ll see before the final pick-up – so we need to make sure it’s perfect before the REAL production starts!

Step Four:  The REAL Production

A.K.A. the cutting begins.

This is that time where things begin to slooooooow down.  Since everything needs to be painted, hand cut, and carefully glued this step usually takes 3-6 weeks alone.  All archivally made and framed beautifully with crystal clear protective “Museum Glass.”

Step Five: Pick-up or Ship-up

Whether shipping or picking up in person, that’s the end of the road for your illustration’s time with me.  If you do choose to ship it you can rest easy knowing your piece is professionally packed and completely insured.  Otherwise, I get the chance to see your face when you see the art in person for the first time!